Tracking Online Advertising Campaigns

tracking online advertising campaigns

what does it mean when online advertising prices are 25$/M.?

Does this mean per 1000 clicks? and if so is the final cost indeterminable until the end of the campaign?
Or does it mean per 1000 people who see the banner? if so, do you get to choose who you will target?
And when they give you this price, how long is the purchase for? one month? a year? how do you know, CARDonline does not say anything more than 25$/M

Hello Ella,

25$/M likely means that it will cost you $25 to show you banner 1,000 times on their web site.

It may be 1,000 different people, or if the same people visit the site regularly, it may not. You should ask the site you are looking at to clarify it.

Some sites will sell you a block such as 10,000 ad views for $49. If they are only quoting you 25$/1,000 you would need to know for sure how many times your ad will be shown as you don’t want to have to pay $1,000s of dollars. Ask them if they have a cap you can put on it.

It is critical to track your advertising so you know what advertising results in signups and sales. When I started tracking my advertising I found that 90% of all my advertising was wasted. So tracking has gone a long way towards ensuring I am not wasting my marketing budget.

I would suggest you start by getting your tracking in place, then advertising in just 5 places and seeing what the results are over a few weeks. This will give you an idea as to what advertising works best for you.

In the source area, I have given you a link to a video that talks about why it is important to track your advertising.

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