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uk online advertising rate card

How to raise credit?

I am sure I have low credit, how do I check what my credit is like?

How can I improve my credit?

I heard that having a mobile contract, paying it off via DD over a long period of time without late payment or anything, can help raise your credit limit, is this true and is there anything else like this that I could do to help my credit rating?

I’m not all that financially minded and have problems due to my ex-partner loosing his job leaving me with huge bills to pay without doing much himself to help.

You dont state where you are but if you are in the UK go to there you can not only find out what is in your credit file but for £14.95 you can get not only your credit file but a credit rating online instantly. That will tell you exactly how lenders view your history.

Ways to improve your rating would be to take on a few different accounts – the mobile contract you mentioned is a good one, and show a history of making payments ontime all the time, if you have a credit card, always make payments before the due date and NEVER go over your credit limit, not only will you be charged for doing so it will be registered on your credit file.

You need to be able to show lenders that you can manage credit before they will extend you more, a less than perfect history wont stop you gaining credit but it may well affect the interest rate that you are offered. Typical example of that – i have Platinum Barclaycard, the advertised interest rate for that card is 17.9% but i pay 15.9% because i always pay on time and pay far more than the minimum amount – although i’m not sure if that paying more than the minimum affects my credit rating but it certainly does me no harm with Barclaycard.

If you are having problems meeting the bills you been left with, talk to the companies and explain the situation, at least then your credit file will show a voluntary arrangement or an agreement to pay, that at least shows that you’re acting to deal with it rather than ignoring it and going into default – that devastates your rating.

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