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Dear Friends,

Today i received an email about the subject as follows. I want to know is it true ? or any kind of cheating ?

Plz comment

Easy online income opportunity. Newly discovered concept.

It will be launched soon. Now it is pre-launch period.

No product selling, No marketing, No advertising, No data

entry, No Adsense, No surveys or “paid to read” programs,

No building websites. Real and new idea to earn online.

Visit website below and discover new opportunity.


It is absolutely new concept and unique concept. Don’t miss

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These are scams… they promise you alot, and when you take a look at it, it seems as if it could work, but it doesn’t. Besides that, they charge you a few dollars only for the welcome packet, and then 79dollars or something every month thereafter. You can read more about these types of scams in the article below. The only genuine way to earn money online via Google is through their Adsense system, which is FREE to subscribe to. Adsense is the system where you put ads from Google on your website, and get paid a small amount of money for each of your visitors who clicks an ad. Many visitors, means many clicks, and thus more money.
Adsense can earn you quite some money, but it does take alot of effort and time.

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