Why Online Advertising Fail

why online advertising fail

Average human beings spend fifteen to twenty years of their lifetime and an average of $4,000 passing through educational training. These they do to fully prepare themselves to launch out into the world of independence.

Funny enough, majority of these well prepared people come into the world earning very pathetic income even after such long period of training.

If you happen to find yourself among this category of people that cannot earn sufficient income for themselves and family, this question is for you: how much more time, money and energy do you think you can sacrifice to finally achieve guaranteed financial freedom?

One more year? Two years? Three years? Above?

How much more money can you spend to achieve this financial freedom? $500? $1500?, $3000, above?

I find it so funny when I see people that have spent such a long time on educational training (and getting inadequate financial result), try to start-up online business to become millionaires within two months.

It doesn’t work that way.

I think the reason behind this Get-Rich-Quick sickness people suffer is due to lack of understanding on how the internet works. There is not much difference between online based business and offline based business.

The internet is not a money minting machine. Neither is it a moneymaking opportunity producing machine as many of us wrongly think. Just like offline, the internet is not a place where you make money without working hard for it.


Every activity that goes on online is regulated by human beings like you and I who lives offline. In order words, online businesses are either run from offices or homes by individuals.

To start a business offline as we all know, there are some basic requirements:

1. you need to register your business name with Corporate Affairs Commission

2. Rent an office or shop space

3. Structure, partition, decorate and display your products or services in your office space

4. start publicity to let people know what you do

The same goes for the internet. There are basic requirements to starting your business online:

1. You need to register your business name with INTERNIC. This is called domain name registration

2. You need to rent a space on the cyber space. This is called web hosting

3. You need to structure, partition, decorate and display your products or services on your space. This is called website designing

4. You need to start publicity. This is called internet marketing

Have you seen the similarities?

For you to start making good money online, you must have to:

a. spend some time to learn

b. spend money to learn and to start up business

c. work

However, meeting up these online business start-up requirements is quite easier than starting one offline.


1. You spend less time to learn, master and get established in any online business. This is unlike offline where you spend longer period of time learning.

2. You spend less money to learn and start up very lucrative business online. With less than $500, you can fully master and start up an online business that can totally transform your finances. Once you have a website, you are already in business and can operate from home. This is unlike offline where you need to spend huge amount of money on office rental and other inventories.

3. You don’t need to hassle from one place to the other while working. All you do is sit in front of your computer at home and perform all your business activities. This is quite online offline where you travel a certain distance, commute on traffic, waste money on gas or transport, etc, to get to your work place.

The internet is a fanatic avenue for you to start if you presently have no job or want to create additional part-time stream of income for yourself and family.

Anthony Chukwurah is a top and highly paid internet marketing consultant and wealth creation expert in Nigeria. He has helped over 3,820 individuals and businesses get financially established starting from the scratch.


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