Why Online Advertising Is Important

Why do men/women do this via online dating sites/facebook?

So I talked to this girl for a few weeks, we finally agreed to meet up. she was a good 20-30lbs heavier than her pictures. Why do people do this, do they think the person they are meeting is blind? I understand personality is important, but looks are also part of the package. It’s like advertising a nice sports car, and you get a minivan….opinions?
so why even leave a comment on here if you’re not going to contribute a relevant answer? “Oh Em Gee I would never do online dating, that’s so last year.”. Just grab your fake coach person, and take your fat a$$ to the mall to judge women more attractive then you to make you feel better.
^ that was for roxy.

It’s called a bait and switch.

They bait you with good looking pictures. Then when you get there, if you are unsatisfied by their appearance, you’re “shallow”. Don’t let that bait and switch move work on you. She’s a LIAR, find someone else.

It’s also done in real life. You marry a good looking thin woman. Soon as you’re married, she stops caring about her looks and gets fat. Of course, again, if you are dissatisfied by her appearance, you’re “shallow”, but you married a good looking woman, not a fat girl!!!

They KNOW men are visual and we need something nice to look at. So they trick us, then call us the bad guy for not wanting to stick around when their true appearance comes into view!

If they want a guy who likes ugly women, they need to stay ugly and look for that loser who can’t get a good looking woman! Otherwise, they need to accept the fact that the guy they are dating likes a good looking woman, and they should stay looking good!

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